Learning that I am an Empath.

I have never understood all my emotions. I didn’t understand why I struggle in crowds and feeling drained so easily.. I thought I was just ridiculously sensitive.

Everything in my life came crashing down, my sport, coaching, my nanny job was all gone… It was such a shock…. I feel that God wanted me to completely stop everything I was doing and strengthen myself and learn about myself. I have always known I am spiritually aware; but feeling other people’s emotions… I had No Idea. Watching this video along with some others; my mind has been opened up so much!

I relate to everything she says in this video. It’s crazy…. I can give examples of every situation she talked about.

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  1. My personality type is INFJ and I too am deeply empathetic to the point where I quite literally feel other people’s emotions. Don’t like crowds either. God also gave me a deep intuition where I just know things about people and how to help. It was hard at times growing up because I didn’t understand the gifts I was given, but I like it now. God bless!

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