Dream Journal

The other night I was having anxiety attacks while I was asleep. I could not wake up. And if I did, I fell back asleep extremely quickly. I slept for about 18 hours… Until I woke up and finally realized what was happening…

Waking up, I was shuck-en up and freighted… I felt like I was floating and completely numb. I got up to try and catch my breath, but my heart rate won’t slow down.

It took me at least a half hour to stop feeling dizzy. And almost two hours until my mind was not fogy anymore.

What I Remember

I was at home getting ready for bed and so was the rest of my family. We all went to bed as usual; but then we were suddenly transported to an unknown location. We were secluded

Sky diving… I went twice and loved it I guess…? (i have never gone and now I’m confused. haha)

Something about graduation and for some reason Shannon was they’re. She just walked in and took her place in senior pictures.. She is not even graduating with my class.

I stand on the side and watch all of this happen. I am shy and I stay to myself; my friends know that. I was alone and she never cared to involve me.

I left graduation and went for a LONG walk. After some time, Adam picked me up and was like “hey… its cool sis, i get why you are upset.”

People I saw in my dream that actually exist

  • Adam – older brother
  • Shannon: old childhood friend. 2 years younger than me
  • Sean – dreamy but only wanna do me
  • Alan – x….oblivious  
  • Even – Ass whole wanna be that I punched in the face… (also punched my x in the face when necessary…)


IDK…… hahahah this is just what I remember. Idk what it means yet

In my dream – I remember I was always with this guy. He acted so sweet and had great manners. A true gentleman I thought. All day we laughed, kissed and explored in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, the love slowly faded away. As the sun started to set, I knew I was not safe. I had to make a move. Somehow, fighting to get away from this person, I was able to escape!

I ran to the woods as fast as I could! I just kept running and running until I could not anymore. As I slowed down to catch my breath, I could feel my heart thumping so fast. I was nervous because of the unknown that is to come. Suddenly; warmth and peace spread through my whole body! I knew God has always been with me. So, I continued on with my journey. As I walked through the dark valley, I did not fear because I know my God protects and guides me.

I was able to find a place to camp. I gathered sticks, leaves and branches. I made a Great fire to keep me nice and warm throughout the rest of the night. I remember seeing so many stars above. Each star so beautiful!! Although each star offers more than it seems. As I closely looked, I was able to slowly start connecting the stars. (just like connect the dots). I could see a grand picture! Each star is unique and set in place perfectly to help support and create these beautiful pictures God has created in the night sky.

The next day I decided to keep moving. While walking through the dark creepy woods, I started to see sunshine, flowers and animals up ahead! Feeling so relieved I didn’t even think, I started running! I felt so welcomed and loved by all the animals! I was able to relax and feel safe right where I was.

And then, a snake quietly slithered along the ground. I screamed in terror! But the snake was not scared. This snake started to follow me everywhere. It seemed caring and kind. I started feeling a connection between this animal and I. As time went on, I started to get worried about the snake’s intentions. I could feel knots in my stomach. Therefore, I prayed to God… Then I realized.

This is no animal!! Evil has taken its form into a serpent to become sneaky and smooth. All to manipulate my mind and soul. Once again, I knew I had to escape.

This time, I ran with courage and purpose. I will no longer be fooled. I will stand strong in my faith! I don’t know what comes next; all I know is that my GOD has made me strong!

I thought to myself… I’M READY TO FIGHT…

My Dream has made me think. Evil can be so deceiving that it looks good and grand to capture you. I do not want to be foolish. I desire to be Wise. No more will I let a man tell me when, where or how to have sexual activity. I am not a fool. God has strengthened me, and I will never again let evil manipulate me. When a woman says NO. It means NO! Not keep trying..