Sermon Notes

Acts 3:1-11

  1. Good things happen on the road to prayer (v 1-2)
    1. One Day can be so important.
    1. Good things happen when you do good things.
    1. Spiritual Discipline.
    1. Consistent Prayer.
    1. Prepare yourself for that “one day” you are needed.
  2. A little expectancy goes a long way (v 3-5)
    1. Be confidant that God has more for you.
    1. You can only receive what you are expecting.
    1. God has the power! You just need to open your heart & surrender.
    1. Don’t get frustrated when a problem occurs. Instead, become a problem solver. (there will always be something)
    1. God is Good.
    1. With out Faith it is impossible.
    1. Expect More of Jesus.
  3. Miracles happen when you give what you got (v 6-7)
    1. You have Jesus!!
    1. Share the love of Jesus!
    1. You will be in the right place when you are needed.
    1. God is more than enough.
    1. Give what you desire to receive.
  4. You can’t help but jump for joy when God restores your legs (v8)
    1. Expect a miracle.
    1. God, love you so much!
    1. He wants to help.
  5. People are drawn to Jesus and lives are changed. (v9-11)
    1. The power of God will draw people to you.
    1. Be prepared to share his love.

Is your life drawing others to Jesus?


What is He like?

The Holy Spirit is a Person with a MIND

  • Listen for the Holy Spirit!
  • The Holy Spirit is Always listening to you; the Holy Spirit cares

The Holy Spirit is a Person with a WILL

  • General will – God’s word
  • Specific will – Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a Person with EMOTIONS

  • Jesus wants to relate to your pain

Faith Filled Prayers (James 5:13-20)

Restoring Others

  • Live a life of Joy and spread the Joy of Jesus to those around you.
  • Jesus is looking for the wanderers in the world.
  • Jesus Will Joyfully carry those wanderers back to the Father.

Financial Provision

  • What is next is better than what was before.
  • PRAY!
  • Build up the Kingdom of heaven.

Relational Healing

  • You need to get through what you are going through.
  • Give yourself recovery time.
  • Trust God’s Timing. His Timing Is Perfect
  • If we receive something before we are ready, there will be Destruction

Physical Healing

  • Prayer, Praise & Partnership.
  • Be Thankful.
  • God brought the Light to You!
  • Pray, Pray & Pray!
  • Keep your Physical body healthy and strong.
  • Strengthen the Holy Spirit that lives within you; so you can be just as strong on the inside as your physical body.

Take Away & Challenge

Pray to GOD, Let It Go & Trust Him.

Do not carry around anxiety and worry.

Leave It With GOD.

Lead Pastor: Derrick Ross