Bible Study

Genesis 1-11

7 days of creation

  • 1 – Day & Night (heaven & earth)
  • 2 – Sky & Sea
  • 3 – Land & Vegetation
  • 4 – Sun, Moon & Stars
  • 5 – Sea creatures & Land animals
  • 6 – God created Man
  • 7 – Rest

The Garden of Eden

  • God created Adam
  • Eve is created by a rib from Adam’s chest
  • God created this garden Just for them. Everything was in peace and truly free. But One rule… you can eat anything you want Except from the tree of knowledge.
  • Satan, the fallen angle was now a serpent. He was able to slither his way through the garden so he could manipulate Adam & Eve
  • THEY ate from the tree of knowledge!!
  • God banished adam & eve from the garden.. They were now on their own..

Family Destruction

  • Adam and Eve are now is a position to provide for everything they needed
  • Adam & Eve had 2 Children. Cain & Abel
  • Out of jealousy, Cain Murdered his brother Able! left and had several wives and encouraged others to act in violence as well.
  • As man continued to multiple over the earth, It started to become so Evil. This continued for 800 years..

The Great Flood

  • The world was Wicked! GOD could not stand it… It needed to be destroyed…
  • Noah was one that did walk with God. So God did warn him about the flood that was to come.
  • Noah was given EXACT instructions on how to build an ark. God told him how and then he went and did as he was told.
  • Once the ark was built Noah filled it with food, his family and one male and one female of every animal
  • And then came the flood that would destroy all!!
  • After the flood GOD put a Rainbow in the sky to represent His Promise to use. He would never again flood the earth

The tower of Babel

  • As the years went by they would continue to multiply
  • A group of Noah’s descendants decided to build a tower that could reach heaven
  • When starting to build the Tower of Babel, communication was simple and everyone spoke the same.
  • Humanity started to become Proud and Vain… Not what GOD wants!
  • Therefore GOD made them not be able to understand each other. They all spoke a different language…
  • With all the confusion the building of the tower stopped and the people scattered far and wide

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